You have the right to decide where to buy Kenwood NX5000 radios. Here is official dealer locator for US. But you should know that many Kenwood dealers are slow, poorly trained, often do not respond to customer requests and have many sales restrictions (for example, authorization for product lines, sales territories). But we collect our own experience about working with Kenwood dealers and publish it here.

Also keep in mind that most Kenwood dealers do not have much experience with the NX-5000 radios, because they are "too new" for them (they are stick somewhere between TK-x90 and NX-200/300/700/800).

Sometimes slow, do not respond, may refuse to sell at all
American Communication Systems
Slow, but helpful; Good pricing. But not authorized for P25 product line (can supply some of NX5000 hardware, but can't sell software and features).
Evans Mitchell (KD4EFM), multi-dealer resource in Florida
Highly recommended
One of the most experienced NX5000 experts in US. Good NEXEDGE/P25 knowledge. Work with different kinds of clients, from hams and small business to large scale projects. First place to check for your JVCKenwood/EFJ needs.
Land Mobile Radio Dealer at eBay
Highly recommended
Specialized only on KPG-D1 and KPG-D3 software and paid radio features (DMR, P25, FPP, Bluetooth, etc. Doesn't offer any Kenwood NX-5000 hardware.