RC4 / ADP was added

RC4 / ADP in APCO25 was added in 4.50

It's unbelievable, but Kenwood changed their mind after many years and decided to add RC4 (Enhanced Encryption; aka P25 EE aka ADP in Motorola world) in P25 mode to the NX-5000 product line. It was done in 4.50 firmware, was tested by our team, and we can confirm that it works just fine! We tested it for interoperability with Motorola XTS and APX radios and with TAIT Tx9400/Tx9600. Also this feature must work with EFJohnson and L3Harris P25 radios.

NX5000 software and firmware ver. 3.0

NX5000 system release 3.0

March 3, 2019. Version 3 software (KPG-D1 3.0) and NX5000 3.0 firmware has been released by Kenwood. The main new feature - DMR Tier 3 support.

Kenwood NX5000 version 2.60 release (software and firmware)

NX5000 2.60 firmware has been released

We waited for a 4 month for Kenwood NX-5000 2.60 release, and finally got it. Of course, during these months they released 2.51 and 2.52 firmware, but they were not supplied with any what's new/what's fixed information. JVC-Kenwood wasn't able to explain that's releases even for their dealers. As we assume, these were minor updates that do not deserve installation and attention.

NX5000 110W radio - VHF & UHF

Low Band radios under the question

Some time ago JVCKenwood promised to release hi-power and low band radios later in '18 or/and in '19. We published news about this. VHF and UHF hi-power radios already developed and exist as pre-production samples. No questions here. But per last rumor, low band radio under the question. Because Kenwood is waiting for volume order from one big client.

Kenwood DMR Tier II trunking

Kenwood DMR Tier II trunking is coming

Kenwood is developing DMR Tier II trunking, same thing as Hytera XPT. Release expected at the end of the year. As we can see, Kenwood gave up — bought Radio Activity srl and began intensive development of DMR features. NXDN did not live up to expectations and steps aside to DMR looks very predictable.

NX-5000 version 2.51 firmware download

NX5000 V2.51 firmware is here

There is no any what's new or bigfixes info supplied. Very typical for Kenwood (indeed, why?). Download it from Files section as usual. Next firmware release must be 2.60 and expected in June.

Missed ADP / ARC4

Missed ARC4 / ADP in APCO25

Dear Kenwood Corporation! Your Viking (formerly EFJohnson) radios does ARC4. TAIT radios does ARC4. Harris radios does ARC4. And of course, Motorola radios does ARC4 (better known as ADP). But as you know, NX5000 radios doesn NOT do ARC4 in P25 mode...

Kenwood NX5000 v2.50 firmware released

Firmware V2.50 has been released

Kenwood NX5000 firmware and FPU verion 2.50 has been released. There are no very tasty features in 2.50 release, but there are some things that may be interesting to business users. Download it from Files section.

Kenwood NX5000 Low Band & High Power mobiles

NX5000 Hi Power and Low Band radios confirmed

It is officially confirmed that high power version of NX5700 (VHF, 110W) and NX5800 (UHF, 100W) will be released in the end of '18 and the middle of '19 respectively. One year and half to wait :(

And one more thing. Low band mobile radio announced as well. Now only 39-50 MHz mobile deck, and there is no any news about 29-39 MHz radio. You must wait 18 months or something for them as well. Not quick but you will be able to go NEXEDGE, DMR and P25 on Low Band first time in the world!

Firmware V2.50 is coming

Firmware V2.50 is coming soon for both NX3000 and NX5000 radios (the numbering of the versions for both platforms is identical from some moment). V2.50 was supposed to come out 3-4 months ago, but it was not released.

New files posted

New files has been posted in Files section. Service manuals & initial remote setup. Thanks to contributor!

File section created

Now you can download NX5000 files - most of them available only thought dealers after many days of waiting, reminders, etc. Here you can download them immediately and for free. NX5000FC File Section.

Web site launched

Independent web site dedicated to JVC-Kenwood NX5000 radios has been launched.