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Since Kenwood is unable to provide all detailed information about their products directly (they do not have an online system for end users), I will do it instead. Fast and free. You do not have to call your dealer and for weeks ask them to send the files you need. Just download and say "thank you, dude".

If some of files asks for password, use this one: JVCKNX5000


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ATTENTION! KPG-D1 is a paid software (costs $155-215) and requires license issued by Kenwood. It's very well protected one (unlike Motorola, Hytera, etc.), activates via Internet and stores your license status at Kenwood servers. There is no way to bypass the license! The only way to get working this software is to buy it via Kenwood dealer. It's not easy process, because most of dealers says that this software is for dealers only, asks too many questions, restrict distribution in many countries (including Canada), stretch the process up to a few months, etc. But we have a good feedback about this eBay seller: KPG-D1N Narrow and KPG-D1N Wide.



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