Missed ADP / ARC4

Missed ARC4 / ADP in APCO25

Dear Kenwood Corporation! Your Viking (formerly EFJohnson) radios does ARC4. TAIT radios does ARC4. Harris radios does ARC4. And of course, Motorola radios does ARC4 (better known as ADP). But as you know, NX5000 radios doesn NOT do ARC4 in P25 mode.

However, ADP is most popular encryption option in some agencies (where military-grade encryption isn't required) and some business/civil applications. Because it's free or reasonably priced, doesn't require optional boards, installations, government approvals, expensive KVL hardware, etc.

For some reason, like bad marketing, licensing issues, etc., Kenwood's NX5000 radios can't be used in ADP-enabled networks. Just due to lack of ARC4 / ADP algo. During that time until Kenwood gear can't do ARC4, Motorola changed 'default' encryption algo from ADP to AES256. But it's still very popular encryption algo and will be in demand for many more years.

One question: Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why you can't add ARC4? This is one of the biggest lacks of NX5000 platform. Because ARC4 is really desired by market. You're working on some crazy features for hospitality options (got a huge order?), but absolutely forgot about the main part of users. This way you reduce your own sales, because your radios can not be used for smooth migration in Motorola networks.

And one more time - why?

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