Kenwood NX5000 version 2.60 release (software and firmware)

NX5000 2.60 firmware has been released

We waited for a 4 month for Kenwood NX-5000 2.60 release, and finally got it. Of course, during these months they released 2.51 and 2.52 firmware, but they were not supplied with any what's new/what's fixed information. JVC-Kenwood wasn't able to explain that's releases even for their dealers. As we assume, these were minor updates that do not deserve installation and attention.

Back to new release. Both software and firmware just has been updated to version 2.60. Unfortunately, this update is also minor and doesn't contain anything really valuable. Don't know what Kenwood did for a few months, but definetely NX5000 development speed is falling down. Probably, Kenwood is moved focus to NX3000 and LTE upcoming radio. And we will see slow NX5000 development in the future.

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
NX-5000 series supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) mode. Addition of BLE and related services are comprehensive update to current the Bluetooth Data Option.

NXDN & DMR Update Digital Encode / Decode Enhancement
Auto Reset Timer is now available in Digital Encode/Decode Format.

P25 Trunk & NXDN Trunk Update
Group Call Enhancement. Radio is now capable of initiating a new Group or Individual direct call while receiving.

DMR Update Transparent Data Mode
Transparent Data Mode is now available for DMR.

GPS Coordinate Display
Stored GPS coordinates can be displayed on the radio screen. Combined with manual GPS position save function, user can create list of GPS coordinates, check coordinates, then report.

Field Log
Similar to NX-3000 series, NX-5000 now supports Field Log functions.

V2.60 firmware requires KPG-D1/D1N v2.60. Download all of them from Files secion.

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