NX5000 software and firmware ver. 3.0

NX5000 system release 3.0

March 3, 2019. Version 3 software (KPG-D1 3.0) and NX5000 3.0 firmware has been released by Kenwood. The main new feature - DMR Tier 3 support.

Also there are a few other minor fixes: external PTT (Direct Channel) and Bluetooth LE Reconnect. More detailed list of improvements is unavailable, but here is matching release bulletin. Pay attention to the lists of standard and proprietary functions - they are 100% identical. Looks like bug, because they are totally different in similar NX3000 release.

New DMR Tier III trunking license got KWD-5301TR part number and costs $80 (dealer) / $134 (list). KPG-D1/KPG-D1N ver. 3.00 is must for this new feature.

Download software and firmware from here.

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